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Accessible Train stations in London - Green Park

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The two main entrances lead to a ticket hall beneath Piccadilly with escalator access to platform level. Three new lifts have been installed, one from the street to the ticket hall and two from the hall to the Victoria and Piccadilly/Jubilee line interchange passageway.

Green Park is on the Victoria, Piccadilly and Jubilee lines. It is currently the only station accessible to wheelchair users when travelling in towards London from the Heathrow stations on the Piccadilly lines. From Green Park, all accessible travel is recommended to use the Jubilee line which has a considerable number of accessible and step-free stations. Or the Victoria line can be used to exit at Kings Cross,

Underground lines : Piccadilly, Jubilee, Victoria

AccessAble Access Guide :

Accessibility friendly : Partial. (Victoria line only) Piccadilly line eastbound towards Oakwood (A step 137mm/gap 0mm) and westbound towards Acton Town (A step 51mm/ gap 0mm). Jubilee line southbound towards Stratford (A step 180mm/gap 0mm) and northbound towards Stanmore (A step 177mm/gap 0mm). Victoria line in both directions (A step 50mm/gap 75mm). You need to make a 220m journey including lifts to change lines.

General description : Green Park station has had major lift installation works undertaken to improve access between the street and all three lines - this is quoted as 'three new lifts that provide step-free access from street level to all platforms and between all three lines serving the station - the station is now fully step-free.' Also, a new ramped entrance into Green Park.
(Victoria, Piccadilly and the Jubilee line). This has included the installation of platform humps on the Victoria line platforms.

More comment : A popular choice for wheelchair users if travelling into London from Heathrow. This station should be used to transfer onto the Jubilee line as the Piccadilly line stations are far from ideal due to large steps and gaps between the train and the platforms.

Lift access between street and platform.

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