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Accessible Train stations in London - West Ham

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West Ham station in February 2019 - a view from the Jubilee line

West Ham station in February 2019 - a view from the Jubilee line

West Ham is a modern station on the highly accessible DLR line, and only 4 minutes ride from Stratford. It has a public lift from the street to the platform, and to National Rail services (the C2C) and the step onto the trains from the platform is slight. This station is recommended as highly accessible for wheelchair users. Use the links below for pictures and more detail.

The Jubilee line is also an accessible underground rail line for many, but not all, stations.

Underground lines : District,  Hammersmith & City, C2C to Fenchurch Street, Jubilee, DLR.

The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is a fully accessible railway for people using wheelchairs. All DLR stations have a lift or ramp access to the platforms, with level access onto the trains. All lifts have alarms enabled, which allow you to talk directly with a member of DLR staff should you experience any problems. The gap between the platform edge and the train is 7.5cm wide and the step up or down from the platform to the train is 5cm high. Most wheelchair users find getting on and off smoothest with the largest wheel first.

Map and also see the West Ham station map & guide.

Lift access between street and platform, including National Rail services.

AccessAble Access Guide :

Accessibility friendly : District and Hammersmith & City lines eastbound towards Barking (A step 263mm / gap 57mm), westbound towards Aldgate East (A step 297mm/gap 0mm).

Jubilee line eastbound towards Stratford (A step 34mm / gap 80mm), westbound towards Stanmore (A step 50mm / gap 80mm)

National Rail, Jubilee line and DLR are step-free from street to train. The District and Hammersmith and City lines are step-free between street and platform, but not between platform and train. There could be a step as large as 200mm between step and train.


A good example of the Jubilee Line - this is at West Ham

A good example of the Jubilee Line - this is at West Ham

General description : The Jubilee line is the recommended option for wheelchair travel to Stratford. See wiki

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