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London Street Directory in 1921.

London Street Listings Index in 1921.

East India Dock Road, E14, East end of Commercial road east to Iron bridge at Lea Creek - North Side

(North side to Stainsby road & south side to Birchfield Street is in Stepney; the remainder is in the borough of Poplar)

North Side
... here is Pigott Street ....
1 Pigott Arms, Jn Wm Alexander
3 Levins Mrs Hannah, picture frame maker
5 Goldring Miss Rae, milliner
7 Eastern Outfitting Co, outfitters
9 Metropolitan Water Board
Poplar Receiving Office
11 Mitchell Misses Edith & Jessie, linen drapers
13 Willing Mrs Maud, tobacconist
21 Jupp Mrs Lucy Elizh, apartments
27 Humphreys Mrs Louisa, midwife
33 Slowman Albert, tailor
37 Lewis William
39 Hepburn David, apartments
41 Hawthorn James George, teacher of engineering
49 Stainsby Tavern, George Burton Stephenson
... here is Stainsby Road ...
Poplar Hippodrome (London Theatres of Varieties Ltd. proprietors)
57 Canty Mrs Ethel, confectioner
59 Martin & Son, photographers
63Phillips Thos Tobias, boot maker
65 Norman William Hy, cabiner maker
67 Winch Isaac, dress maker
69 London County Council Health Department
71 Marsh Ernest John, solicitor
73 Poplar cinema Ltd
... here is Pekin Street ...
75 Appleton Edward & Sons, furniture removers
77 Warren William, house agent
79A Dodd Henry Herbert, tobacconist
79B Atkinson Thomas, confectioner
79C,D & E Cramp George Clark, music warehouse
81B Green William John, florist
81 Pixell Rev John Vincent MA
81 Porder Rev Herbert Boulton
83 Convent of our Lady of Dolours, ladies school, Mme Alice Barton, rev mother
85 Bradshaw (Charles G) & Waterson, solicitors
87 Clarkson William sen, architect
87 Burdett Frederick John, collector of taxes
St Stephens Church
... here is Upper North Street ...
93 Smith Charles, baker
95 Bennett Thomas H, beer retailer
99 Poplar (borough of) Electricity Sales Department
101 Sakelovitch Isaac, tobacconist
103 Hills Robert, coffee rooms
103A Monty Alfred, motor car garage
105 Blanshard Horatio, pawnbroker
107 Park Robert, grocer
109 Plappert Alfred Julius, tailor
111 Page Wm George, ironmonger
113 British Seafarers union, Arthur Cannon, gen sec
115 Pearce Miss Clara, fancy repository
Trinity (Congegational) Chapel
... here is Augusta Street ...
121 Carr Miss Florence, greengrocer
123 Lock Thomas, boot repairer
125 Stephens George M, coffee rooms
127 National sailors & Foremens Union of Great Britain & Ireland
129 & 131 Levy & Sons, outfitters
... here is Jeremiah Street ...
133 Board of Trade Mercantile Marine Offices
... here is Duff Street ...
139 Burdett Sidney Frank
141 Hobday Kingsford George, registrar of births, deaths & marriages for Poplar
143 Smith Jas William, travelling draper
145 White Cresswell, physician & surgeon
... here is Plimsoll Street ...
153 Power Thomas JP, physician
... here is Sturry Street ...
George Green's School
... here is Kerbey Street ...
155 Recreation Tavern, Lawrence Doyle
157 Walters Goodman & Sons, tailors
159 Landau Mrs Dinah, tobacconist
159A Horsey Arthur George & Co, bootmakers
161 Horsey Arthur Geo & Co, hatters
163 Rosenberg Samuel, watch maker
165 Burdon & Leslie de Vine, cycle makers
... here is Vesey Street ...
167 Poplar Post Office
173 Jones Wm John, coffee rooms
175 Rose Benjamon, tobacconist
177 Neave Harry, pawnbroker
... here is Woollett Street ...
179 Pearson Mrs Adelaide, fancy repository
181 Pearson Charles, who confectioner
183 Greenhough Geo, dining rooms
185 Corlett Mrs Margaret Ellen, milliner
187 Victoria Wine Company Ltd
187A Lockwood Bros, tailors
187B Barclays Bank Ltd (branch), Kenneth Robert Logan, manager
... here is Chrisp Street ...
189 Whitwell Coal Co Ltd
189 Birkett William, artificial teeth maker
191 & 193 Clarke Robert, builders stores
193 & 195 Police Station
197 Seager John & Sons, booksellers
99 Levene John, outfitter
201 Burford & Martin, tobacconists
203 Samuels Harry, greengrocer
209 Waterson Chas Andrew, pilot
209 British Red Cross Society (Poplar division), Miss Waterson, sec
211 Ferando Mrs Ellen Florence, coffee rooms
213 Schulz Victor, ladies tailor
215 Orient Permanent Building Society, Luther Burningham, sec
215 Burningham Luther
217 Squire & Co (Birmingham) Ltd, chemists
219 Smith William, sack contractor
221 Wheatley Richard, beer retailer
223 Fairbarns Arthur Wm, hosier
... here is Ida Street ...
225 Lewis Moses, artificial teeth maker
229 Klein Philip, watchmaker
231 Wright William, tailor
233 Learmouth St Simmons, confectioner
235 Courcha Walter, pork butcher
237 Whiffin William, photographer
241 Bottoms & Co, cycle agents
243 Page John Henry, dining rooms
245 & 247 Union Cartage Co Ltd
249 & 251 McWhirter, Roberts & Co Ltd, shopsmiths
251C Williang Miss Maud May, confectioner
251D Goldberg Miss Annie, milliner
251E Taylor Miss Martha Elizh, florist
253 Daw Wm Alfred Hy, newsagent
255 Classon J R & Co Ltd, furniture dealers
257 Court James & Co, stationers
259 Simmons Henry, photographer
261 Penaluna Chas Ralphm, dining rooms
263 Curzon Bros Ltd, tailors
265 Mandall Leon, hairdresser
267 Abelson Barnard Narnett, chemist
269 Morgans David, dairy
271 Conner John, confectioner
273 Moon Fras Hy, dining rooms
275 Copcutt Thomas William, dyer
277 Ewing Thomas, baker
279 Pleasants Walter, beer retailer
... here is St Leonards Road ...
281 & 285 Lewis Lewis & Co Lim, drapers
283 Vosser Sydney H, beer retailer
285 & 281 Lewis Lewis & Co Lim, drapers
287 Marks William, baker
289 Oakley Christopher Thos, tobacconist
291 Christey George, automatic exhibition
291A Dennison Charles, hosier
291B Wills John, newsvendor
... here is Ann Street ...
293 & 295 Dock House, Mrs Georgina Wickes
... here is Brunswick Road ...
303 to 315 Poplar Hospital for Accidents, Percy Rogers, sec
317 Hipkin John, house agent
319 McCaffery Mrs Annie, apartments
323 Custard Miss Isabella Bartly, teacher of music
325 Adams Albert Chas, motor car garage
327GoodallMrs Elizh, dress maker
343 Tanner Edward & Herbert, house agents
349 Coe Albert, coal merchant
... here is Aberfeldy Street ...
357 Aberfeldy Tavern, Morey Isaacs
361 Amalgamated Society of Carpenters, Cabinet Makers & Joiners, S Stennett, dist sec
361 General Union of Operative Carpenters & Joiners, A H Hubbard, dis sec
375 Reed Miss Mary, dress maker
389 Nash Mrs Charlotte, corset maker
409 Fisher Solomon, boot repairer
... her is Benledi Street ...
411 National Sailors Society, Rev W Burton, se
413 Amalgamated Society of Mechanics Assistants & Dry Docks Workers, R H Smith, sec
421 National Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Children, M W Thompson, inspector
431 Freeland Charles, insurance agent
445 Wren William, dining rooms
All Hallows Church
447 Iron Bridge Tavern, William Wilson Thorn
... here is Abbott Road ...
481 to 489 Woodmansee Herbert & Son, clothiers

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