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London Street Directory in 1921.

London Street Listings Index in 1921.

East India Dock Road, E14, East end of Commercial road east to Iron bridge at Lea Creek - South Side

(North side to Stainsby road & south side to Birchfield Street is in Stepney; the remainder is in the borough of Poplar)

South Side
2 Eastern Hotel, William Meadmore
4 Ashton Mrs Annett, tobacconist
6 Woodbridge Francis Ellis, hosier
8 Dahlgren Carl John, dining rooms
... here is Amoy Place ...
14 Warner Henry
16 Jones Richard Wm, LDS, chemist
26 Mowatt Mrs Laura, apartments
34 Barnett Pincus, tailor
40 Smith Albert Fredk, laundry
42 Moyce Andrew James, artificil teeth maker
50 barnett Hyam, clothing manufacturer
... here is Birchfield Street ...
52 London County Westminster & Parr's Bank Lts, G P Thompson, manager
52 Poplar Employment Exchange (Juveniles) (Ministry of Labour)
54 Poplar Borough Childrens Home
56 Presbyterian Settlement, Miss Helen B Mackey, warden
62 Lamb Philip Walter MD, Ch B, physician & surgeon
68 Perrett Ernest W, flag manufactirer
68A MacMillan William
70 Lusty William
74 Clarke Walter Charles
78 Pearl Assurance Co Ltd
82 Bartier Misses Florence & Edith, teachers of music
... here is Oriental Street ...
86 Alcock Benjamin, insurance supt
... here is Perrys Close ...
92 Crang & Boreham, house agents
92 Cromwell Frank H, collector of taxes
94 & 96 O'Brien Hy Joseph, physician & surgeon
100 Shaftesbury Ho,es & "Arthusa" Training Ship, inc 1904, Shipping Depot
102 Poplar Liberal & radical Association
... here is Lower North Street ...
104 Pogson Archibald Thomas, beer retailer
106 Baldwin G & Co Ltd, herbalists
108 Reekie Mrs Rose, coffee rooms
116 Prime Edward. tailor
118 Hawkes Francis Walter, umbrella maker
120 Macord Horace Walford, MPS, chemist
122 Freeman Mrs jane, coffee rooms
124 Springhall Bros, cycle agents
126 Doyle Lawrence, motor garage
126 Fiddleman Abraham, fishmonger
128 Lewis Edward David, tobacconist
130 Davis Rothtin, clothier
132 Ready George Martin, confectioner
134 Brtier William, photographer
... here is Wade Street ...
136 Edginton Mrs Emily, beer retailer
144 Williams Mrs Elizh, wardrobe dealer
150 Wade John Henry, beer retailer
... here is Wades Place ...
152 Oxley Wm Hy Fras, surgeon
154 Missions to Seamen Institute
... here is Hale Street ...
Poplar Recreation Ground
156 poplar Food Control, H Rowlett, district officer
... here is Woodstock Road ...
Poplar (Wesleyan) Chapel
164 & 166 Jamieson William J & Co, shirt manufacturers
King Georges Hall
... here is Bath Street ...
Poplar Baths (Borough of Poplar), Wm T Maughan, supt
172 Windrum Walter, auctioneer
.., here are Grove Villas ...
North London Railway (Poplar Station)
... here is Newby Place ...
All saints Church, Poplar
... here is Bow Lane ...
174 Knight & Clark, surveyors
174 Eastman & Son (Dyers & Cleaners) Ltd
176 Tye Patrick & Co, boiler claners
178 Skelly William, MD, physician & surgeon
180 Lyons Harris, tailor
182 Eagle Tavern, Walter parsons
... here is Cotton Street ...
184 City & West End Laundry Co Ltd
186 Berenstein Samuel, herbalist
188 Greenberg Max, clothier
190 Kent George, hairdresser
192 Poplar Pavilion Ltd, cinematograph theatre
202 Singer Sewing Machine Co Ltd
... here is Union Street ...
202A Holmes Thomas, beer retailer
204 Balbes Charles, hairdresser
206 Leaman Morris, tailor
208 Samuels Herman, outfitter
210 & 212 South Poplar Local Labour Party, George J Cressall, sec
214 Verbrugge Joseph Chas Lievin, MD, physician & surgeon
216 Endersbee Thos Jn, insurance supt
218 Brown & Ewin, estate agents
220 Eaton Henry William, oilman
222 Shacklady Mrs Mary, eel pie house
224 Whitehead hy Fredk, bootmaker
226 Hallifax Charles Price, grocer
226 Post Office Receiving House, Money Order Office & Savings Bank
228 Knight Jack, dining rooms
230 & 230A Segal Abraham, tailor
232 & 234 Harris Marks, fried fish shop
236 Allen Richard, dining rooms
238 Price Thomas, beer retailer
... here is Robinhood Lane ...
... here is Blackwall Tunnel ...
... London County Council Tunnel gardens ...
... way to Blackwall (Brunswick) pier ...
East India (Import) Dock (Port of London Authority)
... here are Orchard Place & Leamouth Road ...
(Pepper Warehouses)
Grover William Alex, coal merchant
(GER Depot)
GER Goods & Coal Depot
Vokins CoLim, Railway agents
Coe Albert, coal merchant
... here is Lea Creek ...

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