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London Street Directory in 1921.

London Street Listings Index in 1921.

Exmouth Street, Stepney E1, 425 Commercial Road east to 37 Smith Street

West Side
1 Vesper & Corner, cabinet makers
3 Gorman Isaac, boot maker
9 Exmouth Arms, John Partridge Holland
11 Stepney Estate Office, Thomas Young, agent
19 Forshaw Thos, chandlers shop
21 Castle Mrs Marguerite Marian, blouse maker
... here is Charles Street ...
23 Hennessey W & Sons, builders
... here is Clark Street ...
71 Ball William, builder
... here is Oxford Street ...
85 Lyon John, band part arranger
107 Brasch Leopold, furrier
115 Harding A F & Co Limited, leather varnish manufacturers

East Side
2 Wachman Woolf & Co, wholesale boot & shoe manufacturers
4,6 & 8 Levt & Pentol, warm baths
18 Lloyd Thomas, ironfounder
22 Dunlop Charles, photographer
32 Weinberg David, tailor
38 Tritner Henry, boot repairer
... here is Charles Street ...
48 Ford Miss Elizh, teacher of music
58 Zawadsky Morris, tailor
... here is Clark Street ...
72A Ferner Hyman, boot & shoe repairer
... here is Oxford Street ...
96 Speigel Abraham, ladies tailor
112 Schneider Solomon, poultry dealer

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