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London Street Directory in 1921.

London Street Listings Index in 1921.

Islington High Street (N1)

The west side is in the Borough of Finsbury; the east side is in the Borough of Islington

West Side
1 Angel Hotel, Joseph Benjamin Crick
3 Lipton Lilited, tea merchants
5 Cable Shoe Co Ltd
7 Social Service Education Entertainment Co Ltd, cinematograph theatre
9 Express Dairy Co Ltd
11 Peacock Tavern, E J Rose & Co Ltd
13 Samuel H Ltd, jewellers
15 Salmon & Gluckstein Ltd, tobacconists
17 Morris George & Co, hosiers
19 County Tailoring Co (Southern brances) Ltd
21 Sears J & Co (True-Form Boot Co) Ltd
25 White Lion, Patrcik & McGregor Ltd
... here is White lion Street ...
27 Lickerman Max, ladies tailor
29 Hinds Joseph, jeweller
31 Boots Cash Chemists (Southern) Ltd
33 Metropolitan Boot Co Ltd
35 Dunn G A & Co Ltd, hatters
37 Maynards Ltd, confectioners
39 Reid Russell, artificial teeth makers
41 London Joint City & Midland Bank Ltd
41 Direct Fish Supplies Ltd
43 Sainsbury John, provision merchant
... here commences Liverpool Road & Upper Street ...

East side
2 Lockwood & Bradley, tailors
4 Quinton James Ltd, tobacconists
6 Rego Clothiers Ltd, tailors
8 Merritt Ltd, ham & beef dealers
10 Islington Daily Gazette & Niorth London Tribune
10 Constable Geo Hy, embroiderer
12,14 & 16 Porter James, restaurant
18 Hall Arthur, hosier
20 Priddle Thomas, tobacconist
22 Avent Frederick Dunn, restaurant
24 & 26 Isaacs Sam Ltd, fish restaurant
26 Morris P D Ltd, electrical engineers
28 Brandons. tailors
30 Lennards Ltd, boot & shoe makers
32 Chalk & Cox, butchers
34 Post & Money Order Office & Savings Bank
38 Vicari Emilio, confectioner
New Islington Empire Music Hall
42 White Swan Tavern, Owen Ward
44 Samuel Isidore Goodman, tobacconist
Improved Industrial Dwellings Co Limited (Myddelton buildings)
16 Lavender Julius, confectioner
48 Tatarsky Nathan, ladies tailor
50 Weinberg Samuel, hairdresser
52 Wheeler Herbert Stanley, tailor
54 Gambro Ltd, dining rooms
56 Stevens Claude Hamilton, stationer
58 & 62 Bamford & Burton, hosiers
60 Smith Edmund, coffee rooms
62 & 58 Bamford & Burton, hosiers
64 Star Wall Paper Co
66 Renbom Marcus, watchmaker
68 Evans Walter, tobacconist
70 Pyzer Philip, tailor
74 Woolf Joseph, confectioner
76 Hall james, cutler
78 Gottleib Mrs Fanny, haberdasher
80 Davey James & Co Ltd, billposters
82 York Hotel, Pioneer Catering Co Ltd
... here is Duncan Street ...
84 Lewis Arthur Griffith, solicitor
88 Morris Mrs Elizabeth, boarding house
92 Smith Miss Elizh Jane, dressmaker
94 Allan Alexander Gordon
96 Atlas Window Cleaning Co Ltd
98 Doran Miss Amy, wardrobe dealer
100 Turner Mrs Sarah Eliza, furniture dealer
102 Allan Alex Gordon & Son, oilmen
104 Griffiths Wm Jn, miscellaneous dealer
106 Duke of Sussex, Harry Hudson & Mrs Emily May Dungate
108 Rees Mrs Sarah Jane, miscellaneous dealer
110 Evans Walter, hardware dealer
114 Payton F & Son, musical instrument makers
114 O'Farrell Daniel, photographer
116 Geere Geo Wm, gramaphone dealer
118 James Mrs Bella, wardrobe dealer
122 Chumley Geo Hy, greengrocer

Camden Passage (East side) :
2 & 11 Brewer Mrs Eleanor, hatter
4 Thomas Harry, printer
6 Waterlow Wm, umbrella maker
8 Roban Mrs Ethel, confectioner
10 Giles John, tobacconist
... here is Charlton Place ...
16 Phillips Frederick, bookseller
18 & 20 Bulling Francis John, boot & shoe maker
22 Beck Frederick, umbrella maker
24 & 26 Beck Frederick, electrician
28 Beecham Alfred, glass & china dealer
30 Ponder Geo Chas, cabinet maker
34 & 36 Coren Abraham, fried fish dealer

Camden Passage (West side)
11 & 2 Brewer Mrs Eleanor, hatter
13 Mushlin Mrs Fanny, draper
15 Daniell Charles, newsagent
17 Stokes Alfred, hardware dealer
19 Dingley Percy Sidney, umbrella maker
21 Westfield Leon Fredk, hairdresser
23 Waterlow William Michael, umbrella maker
25 Dent John Henry, florist
27 Higgins Ernest Wm, provision dealer
... here is Charlton Crescent ...
29 Vanderluis Samuel, oyster bar
31 Mitchell William, photograph merchant
33 & 35 Levey David Samuel, sewing machine dealer
37 Woods & Sons Ltd, printers
39 Callen Bros, picture frame makers
41 Wilford Joseph Wm, confectioner
43 Bradley George, corset maker
47 & 49 Repuke Henry Miller, undertaker
51 Palmer Henry Geo, miscellaneous dealer
Moffat James & Son, metal roofing contractors

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