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London Street Directory in 1921.

London Street Listings Index in 1921.

Johnson street (W8) (Kensington), 101 High street, Notting hill gate to 23 Kensington place

East side
1 & 8 Bunning George, bootmaker
3 Statham Mrs Maud, marine store dealer
... here is Uxbridge street ...
5,7 & 9 London Firewood Co
23 Lawrence Charles, draper
25 Carter Albert Ernest, confectioner
... here is Dartmoor street ...

West side
... here is Uxbridge street ...
6 Pluthero William, confectioner
8 & 1 Bunning George, bootmaker
12 Munro Charles, greengrocer
14 Lewis John, tailor
16 Carnwath Laundry
18 Green Mrs Alice M, fried fish shop
20 Scriven William James, butcher
22 Jones Moses, dairyman
24 Johnsons Arms, William Isaackson
... here is Dartmoor street ...
26 Coles William, grocer
28 Bush Miss Henrietta, chandlers shop

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