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London 1818 to 2019 a London historical street directory.

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Johnstones London commercial guide in 1818  - Aldersgate street, St Martins le Grand

Johnstones 1818 directory index

This is the 1818 Johnstones London commercial guide which also includes a little pub history detail.

Aldersgate street, St Martins le Grand
Length 456 yards. No of Houses 179
4 Outhwaite, C, Auctioneer and appraiser
6 Kay, J & Dan, Wine & spirit merchants
6 Goodge, T jun, Straw bonnet manufacturer
7 Perowne J, Tallow chandler
9 Fleet, Robert, Vellum binder
* Bell, Edward, Merchant & Insurance broker
* Ruffle and Co, Grocvers and tea dealers
11 Fellowes, Thomas, Broker and auctioneer
13 Rowe, Thomas, Silver polisher
* Guthrie, William, Tailor and draper
14 Durie, James, Surgeon and accoucheur
15 Wilson and Waugh, Hat manufacturers
16 Reynolds and Nichol, Scale makers
19 Saul & Saddington, Wine & brandy merchant
20 Howse, William, Boot and shoe maker
21 Betterton, J. House, sign, & ornamental carver
23 Lorkin & Pearson, Oil, tol. & hop merchant
26 Reid, John, Distiller and rectifier
32 Cockerton and Sou, Oil and colourmen
34 Spooner, John, Cheesemonger and factor
35 Kelsall and Russell, Glove manufact.
40 Herrings and Burbridge, Druggists, &c.
48 Jackson, R. & G. Wine & brandy merchant
49 Simmons, B. China, glass, &c. warehouse
50 Goodyear, T. Wholesale straw hat manufacturer
53 Surr, John, Surgeon and accoucheur
54 Smith, V. Grocer & British wine merchant
57 Windus, Henry, Wine and bran. merchant
59 Gooch and Co. Spirit and beer merchants
60 Tapp and Harris, Cotton dealers
61 Skinner, Thomas, Smith and ironmonger
62 Gregory, J. Patentee of beer-cleans, ap.
63 Witchell, John, Cheesemonger & factor
65 Castle, W. R. nise-case manufacturer
66 Maud, John, Chemist and refiner
72 Sales, Pollard, and Co. Tobacconists, &c.
74 Ramsbottoms and Co. Distillers
* Ramsbottoms and Co. Ale & porter brewer
75 Neale, William, Silversmith & jeweller
76 Rogers, John, Hosier and glover
79 Child, Dam. Bor and packing-case maker
80 Hall, Rich. Tobacconist and snuff maker
891 Hill, Edward, Tailor and draper
82 Ley, Thomas, Hat manufacturer, &c.
83 Willis, Thomas, Grocer and tea dealer
84 Carey, Henny, Manufacturer of gold face
97 Skinner, Tuchin, and Co. Auctioneers
88 Smith, W. Wine and brandy merchant
91 Keith, R. W. Musical instrument maker
92 Deering, John, Surgeon and apothecary
93 Rowbotham, Henry, Pocket-book maker
94 Leathwick, T. W. Coach and harness maker
95 Berreciough, R. Panter and glazier
96 Blackburn, W. Watch-spring manufacturer
100 Freeman, James, Surgeon & accoucheur
101 Evans, Joan, Water gulder, &c.
102 Evans, H. & F. Working jewellers, &c.
104 Coombes, M. Tea dealer and grocer
105 Dendney, E. P. Tailor and draper
109 Morris, S. Wine and spirit merchant
110 Gurney, Thomas, Cabinet maker. &c.
111 Scriver, James, Auctioneer and appraiser
113 Bruce, D. Cabinet maker and upholder
114 Biaggini, M. and J, Merchants
115 Austin, John, Corn dealer, &c.
116 Galley, R. Linen draper and mercer
118 Hayt, Richard, Wax and tallow chandler
119 Benson, Nicholson, Cheesemonger, &c.
120 Aldridge, Joseph, Timber merchant
122 Jones, T. B. and Co. Brass founders
* Kean, James, Cork cutter, &c.
123 Cross, Edward, Cabinet maker, &c.
124 Blood, John, Brass founder, &c.
124 Burtenshaw, H. Paper hanging manufacturer
125 Allen and Bell, Chemists and druggists
127 Back, J. & Co. Tallow factors & melters
129 Blogg, G. & B.Working silversmiths, &c.
131 Langford, W. Bookbinder and stationer
132 Carrington, Thomas, Statuary and mason
134 Crew, W. Umbrella and parasol maker
137 Royes, Solomon, Silversmith & jeweller
138 Hougham. S. & Co. Working goldsmiths
139 Nicklin & Son, Wholesale wire workers
140 Jones, D. H. Apothecary and chemist
141 Lloyd, Thomas, Gr, cer and tea eater
142 Poston, T. G. Auchoneer ad appraiser
143 Slatford, R. Furniture broker & undertaker
145 Lovell and Co. Oil and colourmen
146 Ash, Joseph, Working goldsmith
147 Luke, William, Jenel-case maker
148 Jessurun, E. & Co. Feather manufacturer
150 Seddon, T. Cabinet maker and upholder
153 Kaye, J. & D. Wine and brandy merchants.
156 Payne, T. P. Boot and shoe maker
158 Duerding, William, Galloon maker
* Syddall, Samuel, Solicitor
* Platt, John, Solicitor
159 Greening, T. Chemist and druggist
* Oriel, Philip, Jun. Stationer, &c.
160 Rolls, S. Currier and leather cutter
162 Fisher and Fisher, Solicitors, &c.
163 Roadnight,T. Saddler and harness maker
164 Bell, Higginson, and Co. Merchants
* Bell, Edward, Wine merchant
165 Dickinson, J. and Co. Warehousemen
* Gregory, William, Sack manufacturer
171 Bennett, W. H. Tin-plate worker, &c.
172 Hall, W. Ornamental hair manufacturer
174 Ward, Skey, & Co. Oil & Russia merch.
175 Boute ville and Norton, Jewellers, &c.
* Lyon, N. Fancy millinery manufacturer
176 Lloyd, William, Wire coverer, &c.
178 Dorgan, Lewis, Glass utter, &c.
179 Huntington & Bosher, Jewetlers, &c.
* Wright and Co. Sheffield warehouse
Whitaker, John, Flour factor, &c.

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What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1840 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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