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    Johnstones London commercial guide in 1818  - Barbican, Aldersgate street

    Johnstones 1818 directory index

    This is the 1818 Johnstones London commercial guide which also includes a little pub history detail.

    Barbican, Aldersgate street
    Length 231 yards. No. of Houses 69.
    1 Woodbridge, Richard, Cooper and turner
    2 Gray, Henry, Engraver and printer
    5 Cox, Joseph, Optician and mathematical instrument maker
    8 Bliss, Thomas & Son, Brush manufacturer
    11 Smith, George, Salesman, etc.
    13 Craig, Jno. Rope, line, and twine maker
    15 Goodman and Co. Brass founders, etc.
    17 Hayward, William, Draper and salesman
    18 Russell, Charles, Clockcase manufacturer
    20 Horne, Robert, Drum and colour maker
    21 Camp, James, M. Bookseller and stationer
    22 Batley, Benj. & Will. Merchants
    23 Lamprell and Co. Linen drapers, etc.
    25 Teanby, William, Carpenter and builder
    27 Smith, Sam. Hardwareman and toy shop
    * Wilks, John, Hardwareman and toy shop
    28 Horn,William, Painter and glazier, etc.
    29 Williams, William, Furniture brok. etc.
    30 Collins, James, Ironmonger and smith
    * Miles, Richard, Clothes warehouse, etc.
    32 Stroud & Co. Tea dealers and grocers
    35 Fenton, Will. Cheesemonger and factor
    36 Wisedell, Will. Ironmonger and smith
    37 Moor, John, Oil and colourman, etc.
    38 Denny, John, Bookseller and stationer
    39 Coventry, Charles, Dyer and scourer
    42 Ravenhill, Will. Linen draper, etc.
    44 Wands, John, Leather factor and dresser
    45 Day, John, Tallow chandler and melter
    46 Gale, Solomon,Cheesemonger and factor
    48 Turner, Will. & Sons, Refiners and smelters
    49 Becket & Son, Drug mills and mustard maker
    53 Clark, Thomas, Nottingham hose manufacturer 
    54 Cole, Jas. William, Silversmith, etc.
    56 Dixon, R. Horse and carriage repository
    57 Parry, Owen, Haberdasher, hosier, etc.
    58 Young, John, Trimming manufacturer
    59 Arnold, J. & J. Chemists and druggists
    60 Hopkins, Lincolne & Co. Hard soap maker
    61 Sinith, James, Lamp manufacturer, etc.
    62 Wilkinson, Rowlatt & Co. Merchants
    66 Parlett, William & Co. Tea dealers
    67 Tilbury, William, Chemist and druggist
    68 Townes, John, Saddler and harness maker

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