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    Johnstones London commercial guide in 1818 - Beech street, Barbican

    Johnstones 1818 directory index

    This is the 1818 Johnstones London commercial guide which also includes a little pub history detail.

    Beech street, Barbican
    Length 181 yards. No. of Houses 51.
    1 Levison, henry, Tailor and draper
    2 Senior and Son, Chemists and druggists
    3 Sewell, H. China and glass warehouse
    4 Hill, Thomas, Straw hat manufacturer
    5 Cumming, W. Block tin manufacturer
    6 Legg, William, Carpet manufacturer
    7 Westwood, Thomas, Hat manufacturer
    8 Hayward, J. Sash & fan light manufacturer .
    10 Nind, J. sen. Paper hanging manufacturer
    11 Ogburn, W. Fringe and trimming maker
    12 Thomas, J. Stay and corset maker, &c.
    * Wicke, Thomas, Book society's office
    33 Pearson, J. Linen draper and laceman
    34 Lawrence, E. China warehouse, &c.
    35 Ravenhill, W. Linen draper & laceman
    36 Stedman, John, Hosier and haberdasher
    37 Reid, Thomas, Linen draper & hosier
    38 Smith, William, Timber merchant
    39 Hull, John, Linen draper and hosier
    40 Breakwell, John, Tailor and draper
    41 Marsh, Samuel, Hosier and glover
    42 Brown, W. Woollen draper & salesman
    44 Reid, David, Linen draper and hosier
    45 Thompson, A. Grocer and tea dealer
    47 Bryant, Uriah, Tin plate worker, &c.
    48 Beach, T. Linen draper and hosier
    * Clark, John, Tailor and draper
    * Hanington, W.J. Hosier and glover
    * Newnum, John, Hosier and glover
    49 Haxwell, Charles, Hosier and glover
    * Hazard, George, Printer and stationer
    51 Barry, D, Tobacco and snuff manufacturer

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