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London 1818 to 2019 a London historical street directory.

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Johnstones London commercial guide in 1818 - Bishopsgate street without, Norton falgate

Johnstones 1818 directory index

This is the 1818 Johnstones London commercial guide which also includes a little pub history detail.

Bishopsgate street without, Norton falgate
Length 605 yards, No of houses 204.
1 Coleby, John, Linen draper and hosier
2 Strange, Wm. and Son, Cheese factors
3 Morris, Richard, Boot and shoemaker
4 London, John, Furnishing ironmonger
5 Bell, James, Grocer and tea dealer
6 Holford, Abr. Linen draper and hosier
7 Johnston, Edw. and Wm, Ironmongers
8 Meredith, Thomas, Boot & shoe maker
9 Nelme, Sam. Hatter and jeweller
11 Daniel, James, Linen draper and hosier
13 Doxatt and Divett, Merchants
15 Jeune, Richard, Boot and shoe maker
* Pearse,G. Brownell, Appraiser & auctioneer
16 Batger, John, Confectioner and Cook
17 Belcham, Isaac, Linem draper & hosier
18 Philpot, George, Fishmonger
19 Draper & Box, Saddlers & harness maker
20 Chapman, Wm. Haberdasher, &c.
21 Merry, Nath. Linen draper & laceman
22 Finch, Wm. Perfumer and toyman
23 Capron and Finlay, Leather warehouse
24 Williams, Lewis, Glass cutter, &c.
25 Williams, John, Linen draper & hosier
26 Rochfort, Walter, Tea dealer and grocer
28 Hebert and Salkeld, Wholesale leather warehouse
29 Barlow, John, Cut glass manufacturer
30 Bell, James, Oil and colourman
31 Lawrence & Smith, Butcher’s salesmen
32 Lowe and Wild, Chemists & Druggists
34 Modlin, John, Fancy muslin warehouse
35 Yates and Hayward, Confectioners, &c.
36 Rudderforth, Timothy, Stay warehouse
38 Potter, J. Fruiterer & confectioner
39 Nisbett, John, Appraiser and auctioneer
40 Hammond, James, Linen draper, &c.
41 Chambers, Sam. Ironmonger, &c.
42 Mander, Thomas, Mercer and draper
43 Nice, Thomas, Linen draper and laceman
46 Welch, Thomas, Oilman and grocer
47 Murray, James, Boot and shoe maker
48 Wallis, Wm. Confectioner & pastry cook
50 Bigg, Thomas, Straw hat manufacturer
51 Martin, James, Chemist and druggist
53 Mackenzie, John, and Co. Oilmen
54 Martin, John, Tea dealer and grocer
55 Vigevena, Joseph, Hat manufacturer
57 Twell, Robert & Co. Linen drapers
58 Haynes, Henry, Surgeon & apothecary
59 Provey & Kean, Silk weavers, etc.
61 Windus, Benj. Godfrey, Medicine warehouse
63 Good, Richard and Son, Stationers, etc.
64 Vincent, John, Corn dealer and seedsman
65 Evans, Abra. Mercer and woollen draper
68 Banks, A. Turnery warehouse
69 Hall, Thomas, Silk mercer & linen draper
73 Windus, Thomas, Coach and harness maker
76 Richards, John, Stone mason and builder
78 Finch, Augus. Furnishing ironmonger
79 Blakie and Co. Hosiers and haberdasher
80 Biddle, Jas. Bool and shoe warehouse
81 Willis, Marmaduke, Gold & silversmith
83 Gadsden, John, Cheesemonger and factor
84 Fickling, Will. Tailor and men's mercer
85 Reid, Richard, Boot and shoe maker
86 Tuckett and Co. Tea and spice warehouse
87 Millington and Son, Glass cutters
88 Hawkins, Daniel, Oil and colourman
89 Fox and Jackson, Surgeons and accouucheurs
91 Mott and Bellin, Jewellers and goldsmith
92 Johnson and Nicholson, Linen drapers
93 Moore, John, Pen & table knife cutler
94 Hamper, William, Hosier and glover
96 Atkinson, T. P. Brush maker and turner
97 Appleby, James, Straw hat warehouse
98 Jefferies, John, Straw hat manufactory
99 Pursell, Sam. Haberdasher and laceman
100 Parker, Will. Augustus, Confectioner
102 Gibbs, James, Grocer and tea dealer
103 Woodcock, Thomas, Mangle & press maker
104 North, Will. & Co. Potters and gla. men
105 Craig, Thomas, Grocer and tea dealer
106 Ackland, Nath.Worsted manufacturer
110 Walker, John, Bookseller and stationer
112 Hale, Stephen, Tobacco & snuff manufacturer
113 Baker and Walker, Working cutlers
115 Price, Thomas, Cheesemonger and factor
118 Bird, James, Grocer and tea dealer
119 Stott, John, Oil, colourman, and salter
120 Bratt, Sam. Furnishing ironmonger
122 Heath, George, Carpenter and builder
124 Davies, Robert, Haberdasher and hosier
129 Shaw & Kimber, Grocers and tea dealers
130 Bennett, Sam. Pickled tripe warehouse
131 Stirtevant, John, Hosier and glover
133 Blakeley, G. Feather bed & mattress manufacturer
* Smart, John, Carpenter and undertaker
134 Mount and Sadler, Silversmiths, etc.
135 Cordell, John, Woollen draper, etc.
137 Brown, Thomas, Boot and shoe maker
138 Clode, George, Wine and brandy merchant
139 Clarke, Roburne, Tallow chandler, etc.
142 Sanderson, Zach. H. Tailor & draper
* Stevens, Jas. Saddler and harness maker
143 Wood, Thomas, Grocer and tea dealer
148 Benningfield, John, Tobacconist, etc.
150 Borrow & Deans, Chemists & druggists
151 Salmon, Charles, Jeweller and silvers.
156 Brennand, Thomas, Patent medicine warehouse
157 Gray, James, Grocer and tea dealer
158 Moulton, Tho. Cheesemonger and factor
160 Terrill, William, Tin plate worker, etc.
162 Clarke, Arthur, Solicitor
163 Vere and Bacon, Silk merchants
169 West and Co. Haberdashers, etc.
170 Ward, James, Carver, gilder, etc.
171 Jellis, Will. Plumber & lead pipe manufacturer
172 Burleigh, Tho. Wine and spirit merchant
173 Addington and Conquest, Surgeons
175 Johnson, James, Tallow chandler, etc.
176 Ockerby and Thompson, Tobacconists
177 Cory and Denman, Cheesemongers, etc.
180 Sandford and Booth, Ironmongers, etc.
181 Perryman, J. & Co. Chemists and druggist
182 Bumstead, A. Wine and brandy merchant
184 Bumstead, Jno. Br. wine & brandy merchant
186 Elisha, Jas. Wire worker & sieve maker
187 Addinell & Co. Druggists & tobacconists
* Wilson, John, Surgeon & accoucheur
189 Sherwin, Tho. Turner & brush maker
190 Paton and Gill, Hard soap makers
191 Massett, Tho. Grocer and tea dealer
192 Purvis, John, Boot and shoe maker
193 Mathieson, Will. Draper and tailor
194 Ward, John, Men's mercer & draper
196 Atkinson, James, Chemist & druggist
197 Lea, Chas. Tobacco & snuff manufacturer
198 Pierson, John, Furnishing ironmonger
199 Melton, William, Wine & brandy merchant
200 Kempster, Geo. Cheesemonger & factor
201 Eames and Fielder, Halters & furriers
202 Hopgood, J. B. Whole. perfumer & jeweller
* Sykes, Jno. Wine & brandy merchant
Munnings, G.G.& H. Merchant & ship owner

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What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1840 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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