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Johnstones London commercial guide in 1818 - Bishopshgate street within, Cornhill

Johnstones 1818 directory index

This is the 1818 Johnstones London commercial guide which also includes a little pub history detail.

Bishopshgate street within, Cornhill
Length 440 yards, No. of Houses 135
1 Hodgson, M, Ready made linen warehouse
2 Binksley, John, Comb manufacturer
3 Hoffman & son, Confectioners
5 Brand, E, Ready made linen warehouse
* Poynder, Thomas and Son, Builders
7 Hollawell, James, Boot amd shoe maker
8 Baring, Brothers and Co, Merchant
10 Gardner, Samuel, Stationer &c
11 James, Daniel, Linen draper and laceman
* Romanis, Robert, Hosier and glover
12 Chuter, John, Skeene & Co, ship & insurance broker
12 Gray, Benj. and Co. Merchants
* Miller, James, Ambrose, Merchant
* Morgan, Charles, Merchant
* Patten, Henry, Tailor and Draper
* Popham, Francis, Merchant
* Simeon. E. & Co. Merchant Salvadore ho.
* Warren, John, Ship broker and agent
* Williams, Laurence, and Co. Merchant
* Williams and Sanders, Brokers
13 Webb and Campbell, Merchants
14 Jolly, Samuel, Books. and Stationer
16 Devis, Henry, Merchant
* Willis, James, and Co. Merchants
City of London Tavern.
17 Terrey, Peacock & Co. Wine merchants
18 Payne, E. Glass and Staff warehouse
20 Yates, James, Edward, Pewterer, &c.
23 Halliday and Co. Music warehouse
24 Combauld, Henry, and Co. Merchant
* Graves, William H. House and estate agent
* Hodgkin & Co. Prep. of anticoros. paint
* Noakes, James, Clock and watchmaker
26 Harton and Sons, Wax and tallow chandler
27 Arman, Edward, Insurance broker
* Arman, William and Co. Linen drapers
28 Colley, John, Perfumer, &c.
29 Arpthorp, William, Corset and stay marker
30 Carter, Edward, Perfumer and toyman
* Lewis & Alston, Goldsmiths & jewellers
31 Jeffery, John, Glover, Hosier, &c.
33 Evans, James, Dealer in foreign snuffs
36 Ashton, Joseph, Stationer and books.
37 Hargrave, John, Umbrella and parasol maker
38 Greenaway and Son, Hatters & hosiers
39 Jones and Croose, Linen drupers, &c.
40 Ward, Henry William,  Ham & tongue merchant
41 Complin, Edw. Chemist and druggist
42 Hopkins, Fred. Printseller and stationer
43 Chatteris, E. S. Umbrella manufacturer
44 Rudd, T. & Co. Tea dealers & grocers
47 Varty, William, Linen draper and laceman
48 Freeman, John, Haberdasher, &c.
49 Millard & Co. Grocers and tea dealers
50 Sorel, Thomas, Leather dresser and cutter
51 Guillemard, Dan. Silk mercer, &c.
54 Prince, M. Child bed linen warehouse
55 Floyd, Henry, Hosier and glover
56 Tinkler, Edward, Turnery warehouse
57 Simpson, David, Haberd. and laceman
58 Hobbs, George, Linen draper and hosier
* Trout, Thomas, Hosier and glover
60 Littell, Joshua, Oil and colourman
* Nicholson and Co. Linen drapers
62 Child, Nathaniel, Tallow chandler
63 Moore, Rich. Stat. and paper hanger
64 Meymott, Samuel, Scale maker, &c.
65 Holmes, S. Silk mercer and draper
66 Ellis, Fred. Tea dealer and grocer
67 Butterfield, James, Boot and Shoe maker
68 Turner,George, Fancy biscuit baker &c.
69 Garwood, R. Peruke maker and toyman
71 Gibson, Charles, Jeweller and silversmith
72 Pearson, Thomas and Sons, Cheesemonger
76 Gerock, Charles, Musical instrument maker
77 Pavey, James, Linen Draper and hosier
79 Osborn, Sam. Chemist and druggist.
80 Roper, William Thomas, Carpenter & builder
80 Sweedland, Sir Charles, & Son, Merchant
* Staniland and Co. Merchants.
* Thielcke, Francis, and Co. Merchants
81 Shadbolt, Benj. Oilman and grocer
82 Hartnell, John, Grocer and tea dealer
88 Evans, Edward, Tailor and draper
89 Burrows, Owen, Surgeon and accoucheur
90 Shepherd, Jacob, Trunk and case maker
91 Peacock, James, Saddler and harness maker
92 Barnes, John, James, Wine merchant
93 Dougal, Sam. Coach builder, &c.
* Waldegrave, S. Wine & spirit merchant
95 Kirk, Hearons, & Bright, Wholesale druggist
96 Appleton, M. Corset and staymaker &c.
97 Duddell, John, Oil and wine merchant
98 Peirson. John, Smith and ironmonger
99 Weller. Sam. Fishmonger, &c.
100 Lambert, James, & Co. Hosiers, &c.
101 Moody, James, Tea dealer and grocer.
102 Stone and Punshom, Oil and colourmen
103 Brent, Matt, Tobacco and snuff manufacturer
104 Osborne, James, cheesemonger and factor
105 Sanderson, Thomas, Umbrella maker
107 Cooper, Elliott & Co, Looking glass manufacturer
108 Gottreux, Joseph, Sworn broker and agent
109 Smart, Thomas, Hosier and glover
110 Heriot and Olding, Tin plate workers
111 Pepys, Marmaduke, Cutter, &c.
112 Gore, John and Co. Merchants
* Mellish, John William & Co. Merchant
114 Blundell, George, Haber. and Hosier
116 Kearsy and Spurr, Solucitors
117 De la Cour, William and Co. Merchant
* Gray, John, Gold, Silversmith and hardware
* Power, John, and Co. Merchants
* Stuart, John, and Co. Wholesale saddlers
118 Perrin, James and Philip, Merchant
119 Ross, Alexander, Peruke maker
120 Hale & Co. Wine merchants
121 Atkinson, David, Ship owner and agent
Burton, J. and G. Ins. bro. and hop merchant
Drewecke, Charles, & Co. Merchants
Duncan, John, Benj. Merchant
Fraser, George, Merchant
Hamond, Fred. Ship and ins, broker
Harrison and Betts, Merchants.
Holden. W. Sec. to the West In. merchant
Innes, Beveridge, and Co. Insurance broker
Kensington, Charlos, Merchant
Ker, John, Merchant
Lean, Charles, Merchant
Mason, Kinder, Merchant
Panton, Thomas, Accountant and agent
Payne, Charles, Merchant
Stevens, Robert, Merchant
Stratton, Samuel, Russia merchant
Taylor, John, Vickery, Merchant
Turner, Sam & Sam Charles, Merchants
Warrand, Samuel, Merchant
Wiggan, William, Merchant
Willock, Francis, Merchant
122 Ogborn, Richard, Stationer and bookseller
125 Puckle and Costeker, Manchester warehouse
126 Vere, James, Nephew & Co, Silk merchant
Brough, Anthony, Merchant Salvadore ho.
Hale and Co. Wine merchants
Hind and Pool, Merchants
Jarman, John, Pipe maker
Milton,W. Wine and brandy merchant
Staniland and Co. Merchants
Old City chambers.
Bell, Joseph, Oil broker and agent
Dobson, Stephen, Merchant
Dugleby, Richard, Solicitor
Kettlewell, Thomas, Merchant
Lee, John, Wine merchant
Lee, Robert, Wine merchant
Leigh, I. P. Ship agent and insurance broker
Lorck, Christopher, Sugar broker
Merril, John, Russia broker
Spottiswood, John, Solicitor
Twiss, Robert, jun. Merchant
White, A. and C. Ship and insurance brokers

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What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1840 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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