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London 1818 to 2019 a London historical street directory.

This London history site will only get better, and bigger. It currently uses pubs and their history, most are now closed, as landmarks.

Johnstones London commercial guide in 1818  - Wardour street, Oxford street

Johnstones 1818 directory index

This is the 1818 Johnstones London commercial guide which also includes a little pub history detail.

Wardour street, Oxford street. Length 495 yards.-No. of Houses 127.
5 Little, James, Cooper & stave merchant
7 Dean, John, Printer and stationer
8 Hutchins, John, Chair manufacturer
10 Metzler & Son, Musical instrument makers
ll Fourdin, F. Oil and Italian warehouse
14 Taylor, D. Cabinet and chair maker
15 Stewart, D. Ivory and wood turner
16 Davy, Robert, Carver and gilder
18 Booth, Joseph, Oil and colour man
19 Barrowcliff, John, Feather merchant
20 Sly, William, Wax and tallow chandler
21 Finney, Thomas, Iron founder & caster
* Hobley&Bishop, Iron founders & casters
23 Bamford, W. & Co. Timber merchants
24 Gold, Charles, Printer and stationer
27 Smith, William, Chair and sofa maker
29 Jamar, William, French cabinet maker
33 Wellsman, John, Chair manufacturer
39 Gibson, John, Cabinet and screen maker
49 Gee, J. Turner & chair maker to H. M.
51 Jeboult, J. Furnishing ironmonger
53 Barrell, John, Bedstead & chair manufacturer
57 Green & Erser, Japanners & painters
59 Flynn, Michael, Ornamental painter
61 Palmer, Thomas, Currier & leather cutter
62 Turner, John, Timber & deal merchant
63 Newton & Son, Upholders & undertaker
66 Dixon, Edward, Chemist & apothecary
67 Grosvenor, T. Umbrella & whip manufacturers
70 Parker, Thomas, Tea dealer and grocer L. L.
71 Stevenson, J. Distiller & rectifier
72 Joyce, John, War & tallow chandler
76 Puzey, Robert, Hat manufacturer
80 Vogin, J. P. Hat manufacturer
82 Layton, Thomas, Silversmith and jeweller
84 Jones, C. Gold beater & refiner
85 Mayer, Charles, Horse hair merchant
90 Farlor, William, Ironmonger & cabinet maker
91 Barfield, John, Printer and stationer
92 Soward, John, Heraldry painter
94 Pounds, Robert, Currier & leather cutler
99 Woolaston, J. Boot and shoe warehouse
100 Frat, John, Patent harp maker
101 Green, R. White smith and bell hanger
102 Loving, Thomas, Chair and sofa maker
104 Evans, John, Engine and tool maker
105 Metzler & Son, Musical instrument manufacturer
106 Mackie, R. Upholder and undertaker
110 Burton, John, Bedstead manufacturer
112 Sawyer, James, Chair & cabinet manufacturer
114 Dobson, James. Paper hanger and printer
117 Ogden, Samuel, Tea dealer and grocer
118 White, James, Cheesemonger & factor
120 Baker, William, Brass founder & caster
121 Ronge, S. Dealer in artificers' tools
122 Eyles, J. Fancy chair maker
124 Davies, James, Furnishing ironmonger
126 Pringle, R. & J. Upholders & undertaker

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What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1840 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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