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    London Robsons Street Directory in 1832 - index C.

    Robsons 1832 directory index

    This is the earliest street directory I have found so far which also includes publican detail.

    London Street Listings in 1832.

    Cable street, Wellclose square

    Cadogan place, Chelsea

    Cadogan street, Chelsea

    Calcutta place, East India road

    Calthorpe Place, see Grays inn road

    Calvert street, Wapping

    Camberwell green

    Camberwell High street

    Camberwell Road

    Cambridge Heath, see Hackney road

    Cambridge place, see Hackney road

    Cambridge place, Kennington road

    Cambridge street, Golden square

    Camden place, Peckham

    Camden row, see Bethnal green road

    Camden street, Islington

    Camomile street, Bishopsgate

    Canning place, see Old street

    Cannon place, Whitechapel

    Cannon row, Westminster

    Cannon street, City

    Cannon street, St Georges East

    Cannon street road, St Georges East

    Canon alley, St Pauls

    Canterbury place, see Kennington road

    Canterbury row, see Kennington road

    Canterbury place, Lambeth

    Canterbury place, Old Kent road

    Canterbury square, Tooley street

    Capel court, Bartholomew lane

    Carburton street, Fitzroy square

    Cardigan place, North road

    Carey lane, Cheapside

    Carey street, Lincolns Inn fields

    Carlisle lane, Lambeth

    Carlisle place, Lambeth

    Carlisle street, Dean street, Soho

    Carlton chambers, see Regent street

    Carlton street, Regent street

    Carnaby street, Golden square

    Caroline mews, Charlotte street, Bedford square

    Caroline place, see City road

    Caroline place, see Edgware road

    Caroline place, Goswell street

    Caroline street, Bedford square

    Caroline street, Commercial road

    Carpenter place, Berkeley square

    Carpenter street, Berkeley square

    Charrington place, Mayfair

    Great Carter lane, Doctors Commons

    Little Carter lane, Doctors Commons

    Carter street, Bethnal green

    Carter street, Houndsditch

    Carthusian street, Aldersgate street

    Cary lane, Cheapside

    Carter street, Walworth road

    Castigny place, St Lukes

    Castle alley, Cornhill

    Castle alley, Whitechapel

    Castle court, Birchin lane

    Castle court, Budge row, Cannon street

    Castle court, Holborn

    Castle court, Lawrence lane, Cheapside

    Castle lane, Pimlico

    Castle street, Bloomsbury

    Castle street, Borough

    Castle street, Falcon square

    Castle street, Finsbury

    Castle street, Holborn

    Castle street, Houndsditch

    Castle street, Leicester square

    Castle street, Long acre

    Castle street, Saffron Hill

    Castle street East, Oxford market

    Great Castle street, Oxford market

    New Castle street, Whitechapel

    Old Castle street, Whitechapel

    Upper Castle street, St Martins lane

    Cateaton street, Guildhall

    Catherine court, Tower Hill

    Catherine street, Commercial road

    Catherine street, Stepney fields

    Catherine street, Strand

    Catherine Wheel Alley, Bishopsgate street

    Cavendish square

    New Cavendish street, New North road

    New Cavendish street, Portland place

    Old Cavendish street, Oxford street

    Cecil court, St Martins lane

    Cecil street, Strand

    Chadwell street, St Johns street road

    Upper Chadwell street

    Chalcroft terrace, Lambeth

    Chalton street, Somers Town

    Chambers street, Goodmans fields

    Chancery lane, Fleet street

    Chandos street, Portland place

    Chandos street, Covent garden

    Change Alley, Cornhill

    Chapel place, Grosvenor square

    Chapel place, Long lane, Borough

    Chapel place, Poultry

    Chapel row, Spa fields

    Chapel street, Bedford row

    Chapel place, Edgeware road

    Chapel place, Grosvenor place

    Chapel place, Grosvenor square

    Chapel street, Holywell Mount

    Chapel street, Cripplegate

    Chapel street, Pentonville

    Chapel street, Stockwell

    Chapel street, Tottenham Court road

    Chapel street, Westminster

    Chapel street East, Mayfair

    Great Chapel street, Oxford street

    Great Chapel street, Westminster

    Little Chapel street, Soho

    Chapel street West, Mayfair

    Chapel yard, Spitalfields

    Chapmans place, see Great Dover street

    Chapterhouse court, St Pauls

    Charing Cross

    Charles place, see East street, Walworth

    Charles Square, Hoxton

    Charles street, Berkeley square

    Charles street, City road

    Charles street, Commercial road

    Charles street, Covent garden

    Charles street, Great Surrey street

    Charles street, Grosvenor square

    Charles street, Hampstead road

    Charles street, Hatton garden

    Charles street, Horselydown

    Charles street, Hoxton

    Charles street, Long acre

    Charles street, Manchester square

    Charles street, Middlesex Hospital

    Charles street, St James's square

    Charles street, Soho

    Charles street, Westminster

    Charles street, Whitechapel

    Little Charles street, Westminster

    Lower Charles street, Northampton square

    Upper Charles street, Northampton square

    Charlotte place, Lambeth

    Charlotte row, Mansion House

    Charlotte row, see Walworth road

    Charlotte street, Bedford square

    Charlotte street, Bloomsbury

    Charlotte street, Chelsea

    Charlotte street, Great Surrey street

    Charlotte street, Pimlico

    Charlotte street, Portland place

    Charlotte street, Rathbone place

    Charlotte street, Whitechapel

    Great Charlotte street, Great Surrey street

    Little Charlotte street, Tottenham court road

    Charlotte street, Fitzroy square

    Upper Charlotte street, Fitzroy square

    Charlotte terrace, Lambeth

    Charlton crescent, Islington green

    Charlton place, see Great Dover street

    Charlton place, Islington green

    Charlton street, Fitzroy square

    Upper Charlton street, Fitzroy square

    Great Chart street, Hoxton New town

    Charterhouse lane, St John street

    Charterhouse square, West Smithfield

    Charterhouse street, Charterhouse square

    Chatham place, Blackfriars


    Chequer yard, Dowgate hill

    Chelsea wharf

    Cheltenham place, see Westminster road

    Cherry Garden street, Bermondsey

    Cherry Tree court, Aldersgate street

    Chester place, Lambeth

    Chester place, see Old Kent road

    Little Chester street, Grosvenor place, Pimlico

    Great Chesterfield street, Marylebone

    Little Chesterfield street, Marylebone

    Chenies street, Bedford square

    Cheyne walk, Chelsea

    Chichester place, see Grays Inn road

    Chichester Rents, Chancery lane

    Chicksand street, Whitechapel

    Childs place, Temple bar

    China walk, Lambeth

    Chiswell street, Finsbury

    Christchurch passage, Newgate street

    Christian street, Cable street

    Christopher street, Hatton garden

    Church court, Clements lane

    Church court, Lothbury

    Church court, Old Jewry

    New Church court, Strand

    Church hill, St Pancras

    Church lane, Islington

    Church lane, Whitechapel

    Church passage, Basinghall street

    Church passage, Guildhall

    Church passage, Piccadilly

    Church row, Aldgate

    Church row, Bethnal green

    Church row, Fenchurch street

    Church row, Limehouse

    Church row, see Newington Butts

    Church row, Pancras road

    Church street, New Bermondsey

    Church street, Bethnal Green

    Church street, Camberwell

    Church street, Chelsea

    Church street, Great Surrey street

    Church street, Hackney

    Church street, Horselydown

    Church street, Lambeth

    Church street, Islington

    Church street, Mile End New town

    Church street, Minories

    New Church street, Edgware road

    Church street, Newington

    Church street, Paddington

    Church street, Rotherhithe

    Church street, St Saviours, Borough

    Church street, St Georges, Borough

    Church street, Soho

    Church street, Spitalfields

    Church street, Westminster

    Church Yard court, Temple

    Circus, Minories

    Circus place, Finsbury

    Circus street, New road, Marylebone

    Cirencester place, Tottenham court road

    City Canal, Poplar

    City Chambers, Old & New, see Bishopsgate street

    City road

    City Road Basin, see Regents Canal, Bridge place

    City terrace, see City road

    Clapham road

    Clarance place, Albany road

    Clarance place, see New road, Pentonville

    Clare court, Drury lane

    Clare market

    Clare street, Clare market

    Claremont place, see Old Kent road

    Claremont place, see New road, Pentonville

    Claremont place, Somers town

    Claremont row, White Conduit field

    Claremont square, Pentonville

    Claremont terrace, see New road, Pentonville

    Clarence garden, Regents Park

    Clarence place, see Camberwell road

    Clarence place, see Hackney road

    Clarence place, see New road, Pentonville

    Clarence place, see Regents Park road

    Clarence street, St Lukes

    Clarence street, Regents Park

    Clarendon square, Somers town

    Clarendon street, Somers town

    Clarges street, Piccadilly

    Clark street, Commercial road

    Clarks place, Bagnigge wells road

    Clayton place, Kennington road

    Cleaver street, Kennington cross

    Clements court, Milk street

    Clements Inn, Strand

    Clements Inn passage, Clare market

    Clements lane, Lombard street

    Clements Inn, Chambers New, Pickett street

    Clements lane, Picket street

    Clerkenwell close

    Clerkenwell green

    Cleveland court, St James's

    Cleveland row, St James's

    Cleveland street, Middlesex Hospital

    Cleveland street, Mile End road

    Upper Cleveland street, Fitzroy square

    Clifford street, Bond street

    Cliffords Inn, Fleet street

    Cliffords Inn passage, Fleet street

    Clifford street, Blackfriars road

    Clift street, New North road

    Clifton street, Finsbury

    Upper Clifton street

    Clink street, Southwark

    Clipstone street, Fitzroy square

    Cloak lane, Queen street, Cheapside

    Cloth Fair, West Smithfield

    Cloudesley terrace, see Liverpool road

    Club Row, Bethnal green

    Coal yard, Drury lane

    Cobbs court, Broadway, Blackfriars

    Cobham row, Clerkenwell

    Coborn road, Mile end

    Cobourg place, see Borough road

    Cobourg place, see Old Kent road

    Cobourg place, Lower road, Deptford

    Cobourg street, Clerkenwell

    Cock Hill, Ratcliff

    Cock hill, Bishopsgate

    Cock lane, Shoreditch

    Cock lane, West Smithfield

    Cock yard, Berkeley square

    Cockspur street, Charing cross

    Colchester street, Savage gardens

    Cold Bath square, Clerkenwell

    Cold Harbour, Blackwall

    Colebrook row, Islington

    Coleman street, Bank

    Coleman street buildings

    Coleshill street, Chelsea

    Colet place, see Commercial road

    College hill, Upper Thames street

    College street, Chelsea common

    College street, Dowgate hill

    College street, Tooley street

    College street, Westminster

    Little College street, Dowgate hill

    Little College street, Westminster

    Collier street, Pentonville

    Collingwood street, Great Surrey street

    Colonnade, Brunswick square

    Colonnade mews, Brunswick square

    Colvill court, Tottenham court road

    Commercial buildings, see Blackfriars road

    Commercial place, see City road

    Commercial place, see Commercial road

    Commercial place, see Old Kent road

    Commercial road, Lambeth

    Commercial road, Limehouse

    Commercial road, Ratcliffe

    Commercial road, Whitechapel

    Commercial Sale Rooms, see Mincing lane

    Commercial terrace, see Pimlico road

    Compton passage, Clerkenwell

    Compton street, Brunswick square

    Compton street, Clerkenwell

    Little Compton street, Soho

    New Compton street, Soho

    Old Compton street, Soho

    Conduit street, Bond street

    Connaught terrace, see Edgeware road, Paddington

    Constable row, see Mile End road

    Constitution row, see Grays Inn road

    Cooks court, Serle street

    Coopers row, Crutched Friars

    Coopers court, Great Windmill street, Haymarket

    Copenhagen place, Limehouse

    Copenhagen street, White Conduit fields

    Coppice row, Clerkenwell

    Copthall buildings, Throgmorton street

    Copthall court, Throgmorton street

    Copthall chambers, Throgmorton street

    Great Coram street, Brunswick square

    Little Coram street, Russell square

    Corbet court, Gracechurch street

    Cork street, Burlington gardens

    Cornbury place, see Old Kent road


    Cornwall road, Lambeth

    Corporation lane, Clerkenwell

    Cottage place, see City road

    Cottage place, Newington butts

    Cottage lane, City road

    Cottage lane, Commercial road

    Counter street, Borough

    County terrace, see New Kent road

    Court street, Whitechapel

    Cousin lane, Upper Thames street

    Covent Garden market

    Coventry street, Haymarket

    Cow cross street, West Smithfield

    Cowley street, Westminster

    Cowper street, City road

    Cowpers court, Cornhill

    Cox court, Little britain

    Craigs court, Charing cross

    Cranbourn passage, Leicester square

    Cranbourn street, Leicester square

    Crane court, Fleet street

    Crane court, St Peters Hill, Doctors commons

    Craven buildings, City road

    Craven buildings, Drury lane

    Craven court, Strand

    Craven street, City road

    Craven street, Strand

    Crawford passage, Clerkenwell

    Crawford street, Marylebone

    Cree church lane, Aldgate

    Creed lane, Ludgate street

    Crescent, Minories

    Crescent, Bridge street, Blackfriars

    Crescent place, Bridge street, Blackfriars

    Crescent place, Burton crescent

    Crescent place, see Lambeth road

    Crimscott street, Bermondsey

    Cripplegate buildings, London wall

    Crispin street, Spitalfields

    Critchell place, New North road

    Crombies row, see Commercial road

    Cromer street, Brunswick square

    Crooked lane, Cannon street

    Crosby row, see Walworth road

    Crosby square, Bishopsgate

    Cross court, Drury lane

    Cross lane, Long acre

    Cross lane, St Dunstans hill

    Cross lane, St Mary at Hill

    Cross lane, Suffolk lane

    Cross street, Chelsea - no entries

    Cross street, Finsbury

    Cross street, Golden square

    Cross street, Great Surrey street

    Cross street, Hatton garden

    Cross street, Hoxton New town

    Cross street, Islington

    Cross street, Newington butts

    Cross street, Wilderness row

    Little Cross street, Newington butts

    Cross Keys square, Little britain

    Crown court, Aldersgate street

    Crown Court, Cheapside

    Crown court, Old Broad street

    Crown court, Old Change

    Crown court, Pall mall

    Crown court, Philpot lane

    Crown court, Little Russell street, Covent garden

    Crown court, Salisbury square

    Little Crown court, Soho

    Crown court, Tooley street

    Crown court, Threadneedle street

    Great Crown court, Soho

    Crown & Sceptre court, St James's

    Crown place, see Old Kent road

    Crown row, see Mile end road

    Crown row, see Walworth road

    Crown street, Hoxton

    Crown street, Finsbury

    Crown street, St Giles

    Crown street, Soho

    Crown street, see Walworth road

    Lower Crown street, Westminster

    Upper Crown street, Westminster

    Crown office row, Temple

    Crown yard, Old Burlington mews

    Croydon street, Bryanston square

    Crucifix lane, Bermondsey

    Crutched friars

    Cuckolds point, Rotherhithe

    Cullum street, Fenchurch street

    Cumberland mews, Adam street, Portman street

    Cumberland market, Regents park

    Cumberland place, see Old Kent road

    Cumberland place, see Newington butts

    Cumberland row, see Battle bridge

    Cumberland row, see Islington

    Cumberland row, Newington causeway

    Cumberland row, see Walworth road

    Cumberland street, Middlesex hospital

    Cumberland street, Shoreditch

    Great Cumberland street, Hyde park

    Cumming street, Pentonville

    Cumming place, see New road, Pentonville

    Cursitor street

    Curtain road, Shoreditch

    Curzon street, Mayfair

    Cushion court, Old Broad street

    Cutlers street, Bishopsgate

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