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    This London history site is evolving, now with mapping links to the maps of 1895 and NOW.

    London Robsons Street Directory in 1832 - index P.

    This is the earliest street directory I have found so far which also includes publican detail.

    London Street Listings in 1832.

    Packers court, Coleman street

    Paddington Canal basin

    Paddington Green, Paddington

    Paddington street, Marylebone

    Page street, Holywell street, Westminster

    Pages Walk, Grange road, Bermondsey

    New Palace road, Stangate

    Palace street, Pimlico

    Palace row, see New road, St Pancras

    New Palace yard, Westminster

    Old Palace yard

    Pall Mall

    Pall Mall East

    Palsgrave place, Temple bar

    Pancras lane, Queen street, Cheapside

    Pancras road

    Pancras street, Tottenham court road

    Pentechicon Arcade, Belgrave square

    Panton street, Haymarket

    Panyer alley, Newgate street

    Paper buildings, Temple

    Paradise row, Chelsea

    Paradise row, Rotherhithe

    Paradise row, Walworth

    Paradise street, Finsbury

    Paradise street, Lambeth

    Paradise street, Marylebone

    Paradise street, Rotherhithe

    Paradise street, Horselydown

    Paragon place, see New Kent road

    Parham place, see Kings road, Chelsea

    Parish street, Horselydown

    Paris street, Lambeth

    Park lane, Piccadilly

    Park place, Kennington cross

    Park place, Locks fields

    Park place, see Mile End road

    Upper Park place, Dorset square

    Park place, St James's

    Park street, Borough

    Park street, Dorset street

    Park street, Grosvenor square

    Great Park street, Lambeth

    New Park street, Borough

    Park terrace, see Regents park road

    Parker street, Drury lane

    Parkers row, Dockhead

    Park terrace, Liverpool road

    Parliament street, Westminster

    Parrs place, Goswell road

    Parsonage row, see Newington Butts

    Parsons street, Ratcliff

    Paternoster row, St Pauls

    Paul street, Finsbury

    Pauls alley, St Pauls

    Pauls Bakehouse court, Doctors commons

    Pauls Chain, St Pauls Churchyard

    Pauls Head court, Fenchurch street

    Pavement, Finsbury

    Pear Tree court, Clerkenwell

    Pear Tree row, Lambeth

    Pear Tree street, Goswell street

    Pearl crescent, see Bagnigge wells

    Pearl row, Bagnigge wells

    Great Pearl street, Spitalfields

    Little Pearl street

    Pearson street, Kingsland road

    Pedlars acre, Lambeth, see Belvedere road

    Peerless place, City road

    Pelham street, Spitalfields

    Pell street, Ratcliffe highway

    Pemberton row, Gough square

    Pembroke place, see Vauxhall Bridge road

    Penlington place, Lambeth

    Pennington street, London docks

    Penny Fields, Poplar

    Pensons place, see Commercial road, Limehouse

    Penton place, Pentonville

    Penton row, see Walworth road

    Penton street, Pentonville

    Penton street, Walworth road

    Pepper street, Union street, Borough

    Percival street, Clerkenwell

    Percy street, Tottenham court road

    Perrys place, Oxford street

    Perseverance terrace, see Church street, Bethnal green

    Peter street, Bishopsgate

    Peter street, Saffron hill

    Great Peter street, Westminster

    Little Peter street, Westminster

    Peterborough court, Fleet street

    Peters hill, Doctors commons

    Peters lane, St John street

    Petticoat lane, Whitechapel

    Pettys court, Hanway street

    Philip lane, London wall

    Philips street, Kingsland road

    Philpot lane, Fenchurch street

    Philpot street, Commercial road

    Phipp street, Shoreditch

    Phoenix place, Ratcliffe cross

    Phoenix row, see Blackfriars road

    Phoenix street, Spitalfields

    Phoenix street, Bloomsbury

    Phoenix street, Soho

    Great Piazza, Covent garden

    Little Piazza, Covent garden


    Pichegru place, see London road

    Pickering place, St James's

    Pickett place, Strand

    Pickett street, Strand

    Pickleherring, Tooley street

    Pickleherring Wharf

    Pierpoint row, see Islington

    Pilgrim street, Blackfriars


    Pimlico road

    Pinners court, Old Broad street

    Pitfield street, Hoxton

    Pitmans buildings, St Lukes

    Pitt street, Fitzroy square

    Pitts head mews, Mayfair

    Pitts place, see Old Kent road

    Platt terrace, Pancras road

    Playhouse yard, Blackfriars

    Playhouse yard, Whitecross street

    Pleasant court, Broad wall, Balckfriars

    Pleasant place, see Kings cross

    Pleasant place, see Old Kent road

    Pleasant row, see Kings cross

    Pleasant row, Stepney green

    Plough court, Lombard street

    Plough yard, Seething lane

    Plough yard, Shoreditch

    Plumber street, City road

    Plumbers row, see City road

    Plummers row, Whitechapel

    Plumtree street, Bloomsbury

    Poland street, Oxford street

    Pollard street, Bethnal green

    Pollen street, Hanover square

    Pont street, Sloane street, Chelsea

    Pool terrace, City road

    Popes head alley, Cornhill

    Popham terrace, see New Kent road

    Poplar High street

    Poppins court, Fleet street

    Porter street, Soho

    Portland mews, Soho

    Portland place, see Borough road

    Portland road, Marylebone

    Portland row, see Camberwell road

    Portland street, Soho

    Portland street, Walworth common

    Great Portland street, Oxford street

    Little Portland street, Marylebone

    Portman square

    Portman street, Portman square

    Portpool lane, Grays inn lane

    Portsmouth place, see Lower Kennington lane

    Portsmouth street, Lincolns inn fields

    Portugal street, Grosvenor square

    Portugal street, Lincolns inn fields

    Postern row, Tower hill

    Pott street, Bethnal green

    Potters fields, Tooley street


    Powells place, see City road

    Powell street, Goswell street

    Powell street East, Kings square, St Lukes

    Praed street, Paddington

    Pratt street, Lambeth

    President street East, St Lukes

    President street West, Goswell road

    Great Prescott street, Goodmans fields

    Little Prescott street, Goodmans fields

    Priest court, Fetter lane

    Primrose hill, Salisbury square

    Primrose street, Bishopsgate street

    Princes place, Cable street

    Princes place, see Commercial road

    Princess place, Kennington road

    Princes place, see Westminster road

    Princes road, Lambeth

    Princes square, Ratcliffe highway

    Princes square, Wilson street, Finsbury

    Princes street, Bank

    Princes street, Barbican

    Princes street, Bedford square

    Princes street, Cavendish square

    Princes street, Drury lane

    Princes street, Finsbury square

    Princes street, Hanover square

    Princes street, Lambeth

    Princes street, Leicester square

    Princes street, Lincolns inn fields

    Princes street, Lisson grove

    Princes street, Mile end New town

    Princes street, Rotherhithe

    Princes street, Spitalfields

    Princes street, Edgware road

    Princes street, Stamford street

    Princes street, Union street, Borough

    Princes street, Westminster

    Princes square, Finsbury

    Princess square, Kennington

    Princess terrace, Lambeth

    Printers court, Shoe lane

    Printers place, Bermondsey

    Printing house lane, Blackfriars

    Printing house square, Blackfriars

    Prior place, see East street, Walworth

    Prospect row, Dock Head

    Prospect place, Chelsea

    Prospect place, see Kingsland road

    Prospect place, see Old Kent road

    Prospect place, see Mile end road

    Prospect Place, Southwark

    Prospect place, Walworth road

    Prospect place, see New Kent road

    Providence buildings, see New Kent road

    Providence place, see Commercial road

    Providence place, Finsbury

    Providence row, Finsbury

    Providence street, Westmoreland place, City road

    Provost street, City road

    Prujean square, Old Bailey

    Pudding lane, Eastcheap

    Pulham place, see Kings road, Chelsea

    Pullens row, see Islington

    Pulteney court, Golden square

    Great Pulteney street, Golden square

    Little Pulteney street, Golden square

    Pump court, Temple

    Pump court, Union street, Borough

    Pump row, see Old street road

    Pump yard, Ratcliffe cross

    Punderson place, see Bethnal green road

    Purbeck place, Lambeth

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